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Convert to Atheism?

Today I read an interesting article about a pastor who decided to take an entire year and live as an atheist.  At the conclusion of the year he stayed an atheist and abandoned God.  He saturated his time with joining atheist groups and read many atheist books.  His goal was to stay away from the Word of God, from praying, from evangelizing, and not looking to a higher being that is in charge of everything.  You can actually find the article by googling "Ryan Bell atheist."  By the way, he is a seventh day adventist. I am tempted to evaluate and give my own explanation of the article here, but that may be another time.  Here is what I want to ask for discussion:  Did this Ryan Bell really have faith in God in the first place?  Can you abandon God for a year like that?  Do you think if you saturate yourself enough with writings and groups of atheists (or evolutionists) that you can fall from the faith? This is interesting stuff and it would be great to hear your thoughts on this.  In my opinion, he never had faith in the first place.  I also believe that he tries to view God from a humanist point of view. What are your thoughts? Slave of Christ, Pastor Shawn